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Capping Machine

Automatic capping machines are a versatile and essential tool in various industries, including the beverage, food, and pharmaceutical sectors. These machines, manufactured by leading capping machine manufacturer, is designed to cap bottles, jars, and other containers efficiently and accurately after they have been filled with liquid products.

One of the popular types of automatic capping machines is the rotary capping machine. These machines use a rotating turret to cap multiple containers simultaneously, ensuring a high-speed and consistent capping process. Rotary capping machines are often used in high-volume production environments, as they can handle a large number of containers per minute.

Another type of automatic capping machine is the capping machine for bottles. These machines are specifically designed to cap a variety of bottle sizes and shapes, ensuring a secure and reliable seal. Capping machine manufacturers often offer customizable solutions to meet the unique needs of different industries, such as adjustable cap heights and container sizes.

The principle behind automatic capping machines is simple yet effective. They utilize a range of mechanisms, including jaws, valves, and pumps, to attach caps to the top of containers. These machines are typically equipped with sensors and cameras to ensure accurate positioning and capping of the containers.

Automatic capping machines are widely used in industries such as breweries, wineries, food processors, and pharmacies. They provide high-quality products and efficient production, helping to streamline the capping process and ensure consistent results.

In summary, automatic capping machines, including rotary capping machines and capping machines for bottles, are essential tools in various industries. Manufactured by leading capping machine manufacturers, these machines offer rapid accuracy, adaptability, and efficiency, making them an increasingly popular choice for a wide range of applications.

  • Screw capping machine

    capping machine

    Automatic high speed continuous capping machine,It can be used on of plastic,glass,mental bottle capping works.
    High speed continuous screw cap, fast production speed.
    With simple adjustment this machine can be applied to a variety of bottle capping work.
    Easy to operate,speed of rolling wheel,bo...
  • Tracking type capping machine

    screw capping machine

    The tracking type capping machine is a high speed servo motor torque control capping machine.
    It is suitable for various caps in condiment, food, pharmaceutical, daily chemical, pesticide and other industry.

    Follow-up servo motor control capping,Fast production speed and stable operation.
    The ...
  • Single head capping machine

    automatic single head screw capping machine

    This is single head servo capping machine,is It can be applied to different bottle caps in condiment, food, pharmaceutical, daily chemical, pesticide and other industry.
    1.PLC touch screen control,easy to operation.
    2.Servo motor torque control capping,won’t hurt the bottles and caps.
    3. The capp...
  • Rotary capping machine

    automatic screw capping machine

    This automatic rotary capping machine is suitable for capping work of many kinds of glass bottles, plastic bottles and iron bottles
    1.PLC controlled , integrated cap sending ,grasping ,capping ( can affiliate with automatic cap
    sorting machine)
    2.With simply change the mold,this machine can suita...
  • pressure capping machine

    automatic bottle capper

    This Automatic linear plastic pressure capping machine is suitable for pressure type cap for plastic bottle, glass bottle,metal bottle,etc.Widely used in oil,soy sauce,vinegar,condiment bottles pressure capping works.
    1.Fully automatic high-speed continuous capping, automatic unscramble caps. ...
  • 4 Wheels screw capping machine

    automatic capping machine

    This 4 Wheels screw pump glass jar capping machine is suitable for various kinds of bottle caps like screw caps,drop bottle caps,spray bottle bottle caps,pump bottle caps,screw caps nad jar caps.It is widely used in oil,sauce,daily chemical and cosmetics industries.